CATS is the Cancer Awareness in Teenagers and young people Society, and it was the first charity James' started, so it's very close to his heart. Now a national charity, based in UK cities such as Manchester, Cambridge, Leicester and Liverpool, CATS aims to make sure every young person knows the common signs and symptoms of cancer. James is still heavily involved in CATS as it's CEO.

Pregnancy Twinning

Pregnancy Twinning was set up to provide support to mothers in countries such as Malawi, where the maternal mortality rate is over 60x that of the UK. Pregnancy Twinning links mothers in the UK, who pay a £40 one off cost, to mothers in Malawi, Uganda and Sierra Leone, who receive access to medical clinics, ARV medication and a trained mother buddy who provides advice on things like nutrition and hygiene. James was a co-founder of the scheme which is run in conjunction with Chasing Zero and Tearfund.

Number 11

Number 11 is a community centre based in the heart of Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent. It exists to provide a family, with sustainable and holistic care to the most vulnerable people of Burslem, including the long term unemployed and those struggling with issues such as addiction, mental health or homelessness. Number 11 supports individuals to move from chaos to stability, from isolation to inclusion and from hopelessness to aspiration. James is the founder of Number 11, and it stems from his passion to find ways to address issues around the social determinants of health.