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What is James all about?

James is currently based in Manchester, where he's training as a doctor at Wythenshawe Hospital. Although in all honesty, that's just a day job...

James' real passion is social enterprise. He founded his first charity after realising how poor awareness of common cancer signs and symptoms was among young people. CATS aims to make sure every young person knows what to look for and when to go and see their GP.

His second project, together with a friend, was starting Pregnancy Twinning, a scheme to support mums in Malawi, Uganda and Sierra Leone. Women in these countries experience desperately poor maternal mortality rates, and Pregnancy Twinning gives mums in the UK a chance to make a difference by providing lifesaving access to clinics or ARV medications.

After taking time out of his medical training to do a research masters degree in Public Health, James become more and more interested in the social determinants of health. His third project, "Number 11", is creating a community centre in the heart of Stoke-on-Trent to provide long term, holistic and relational support to vulnerable groups such as the long term unemployed, those struggling with substance abuse and the socially isolated.

James' is a skilled communicator, speaking regularly at conferences, events and church services around the UK. His 2016 TEDx talk on 'Kick-starting your dreams' focused on his passion for supporting others to turn their ideas into a reality.

James now works with both individuals and groups, supporting them in the process of crafting their vision, bringing people on board and then turning that dream into reality.

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